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MedicAlert® Wellness Day

19 Jul 2014

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This year, MedicAlert® Foundation of Southern Africa is celebrating their 50th anniversary!
HGG NPO Sustainability Solutions will be hosting a MedicAlert® Wellness Day on Saturday the 19th July 2014 from 10h00 until 14h00 at the Clovelly Country Club.

We are providing a platform for local small businesses to exhibit their products and services to the public. There will be about 20 interesting stalls to peruse, which will include health specialists who can check your Blood Pressure/Sugar levels/Body Mass Index and your HIV status.
The Club’s Restaurant will be open from 11am if you wish to order something to eat.
Enter our lucky draw and win great prizes.

There will also be interesting speakers. Come and learn more about :
- Breast Cancer Awareness, Cancer treatment & Cancer Buddies Support. Speak to specialist health care providers as well as survivors.
- MedicAlert ®Foundation, its products and membership advantages.
- Listen to a guest speakers discuss Emotional Health, and Breast Cancer and relevance to Bone Density as well as Heinrich Le Roux from the Balanced Natural Clinic

This fun day is open to all age groups. There will be fun activities for families, great art and writing competitions for kids and prizes to be won….

1. A colouring-in competition for Nursery school kids
2. “My Awesome Superhero”- competition for Elementary Schools, where they can write an essay or poem, draw or paint about someone who saved someone else’s life in an accident or medic -related incident.
3.”Designing a modern Medic Alert Bracelet” for older children
Local artists will serve as judges and also give drawing lessons at the event. Many prizes to be won.
We would appreciate your attendance of this fun day.

For more info please call 021 782 8816 or send an email to npo@hggroep.co.za

MedicAlert ®Foundation of Southern Africa is a registered non-profit membership organisation which was founded in America in 1956 and brought to South Africa in 1964; it is a trusted third party custodian of comprehensive personal healthcare information. For more information visit www.medicalert.co.za or phone 021 425 7328


Wellness Day