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Mobile Neurology Clinic a success!

03 Dec 2012

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Mobile Neurology Clinic implemented in the Eastern Cape


Please donate to our Mobile Clinics in May to help assist people in rural areas to also receive the care they deserve.



Following the years of service of Dr Potgieter and the Mobile Neurology Clinic in the South Cape & Karoo regions, the National Office successfully initiated the this service in the rural East London. On 5 November 2012, the team initiated the first Clinic in the rural area of Mncosho after which they moved daily to a new rural Clinic to accommodate people in different areas. Approximately 120 people with epilepsy were assisted by the Clinic, many who have never had any specialised care for their condition nor seen a Doctor.

In addition to clinical treatment and service, persons with epilepsy and their care givers attended information and education sessions. Social auxiliary workers informed them on aspects of epilepsy, provided tips on living a full life regardless of the condition and conducted needs assessments to better understand their specific needs in their communities. Dr Potgieter made good use of early mornings to hold information sessions with medical personnel at the rural clinics to enhance their internal competence to deal effectively and appropriately with epilepsy.

The National Office is excited to report on the success of this project which will be repeated during May 2013 to follow up on current patients. A great deal of resources is needed to implement these projects and Epilepsy South Africa extends a sincere note of gratitude to the Shoprite Soup Trucks initiative. Shoprite provided ample soup and bread daily to grateful people and their care givers waiting to see the Doctor.

For more detailed information on this remarkable project, or to offer support and resources for the next visit, please contact Wynand du Toit at fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za. The cost of providing for one patient through the Mobile Neurology Clinic is R350.

Such a little amount to make a life-long difference in the life of a fellow, valuable person.

If you can afford R350 twice per year, you will make it possible for a person with epilepsy to have their seizures controlled (in many instances for the first time ever!) by proper and appropriate medical care. Should you be privileged enough to be able to afford this amount, please let me know so that I can show you how your contribution can change a life for the better. Fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za, or you can donate now to this valuable project.