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Online Counsellor

Please email our online counsellor with any epilepsy related questions to info@epilepsy.org.za

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Corporate Partnership

(Epilepsy South Africa is registered in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act of South Africa and a proud Level 4 BEE contributor.)

(Download the National Office BEE certificate)

Corporate companies, trusts, foundations and organisations dedicated to our community show their caring spirit by taking up a leading role in assisting Epilepsy South Africa in the expansion of our service to even the remotest rural areas. Donations and grants from the corporate sector enable us to ensure access to services across the country and provide us with practical and financial assistance with projects.

In the recent words of Mr Raymond Ackerman:

"Too many companies forget their responsibility for triple reporting.  All of us are compelled not only to report on profits, but also on sustainability and community investment.

A further important note is that a company stands like a table on four legs: One leg for admin & operations, one for merchandise, one for marketing and the last, very important one: investment in your comsumers, aka Corporate Social Investment.  Without looking very carefully after each one of these legs, a company will not be succesfull in the long run"

Epilepsy South Africa offers many ways to invest in your community:

  • Corporate membership
    • recurring support from Companies who share Epilepsy SA's goals of community development, but also understand that the organisation needs operational capital to sustain its development services
  • Employee contributions through "Give as you earn"
    • Sanctioned by your company, employees receive options for monthly donation deductions from their salaries; eg. R5, R10, R20 or R50.  The process is reall easy to implement and we will gladly show you how.
  • Project sponsorship
    • A company takes joint-ownership of a specific project by contributing towards the expense of the project, but also contributing other items such as knowledge, material or other resources
  • Cause related marketing
    • FMCG companies who donates a percentage of sales of a specific related product and showing the Epilepsy SA logo and a short motivational message
  • Voluntering of staff and/or services
    • Gettign that extra pair of hands dirty - great for team building experiences!

What you get:

  • Annual Section 18A certificate for your company's annual tax returns
  • Recurring Public Relations opportunities for your Company through the Epilepsy SA media liaison process, including exposure on the Epilepsy SA website, press releases and branding opportunities
  • Invitation to visit projects & programmes
  • Invitation to the AGM and a copy of the latest annual report and audited financial statements

Contact nationaldirector.no@epilepsy.org.za to find out how your company/organisation can become involved with investing in community service to those desperately needing our help.