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(…from the office of Ms Anne Fredericks, Director of the Epilepsy SA South Cape & Karoo Branch)

We run a Residential Care Centre since 1985. The facility is home to 54 adults with or without epilepsy and other disabilities, who are in need of fulltime care. The financial recession affected us severely and resulted in huge shortfalls. The “Adopt-A- Resident” project is one of the efforts we are making to generate funds in order to keep the Centre open.

It is 6.30 a.m. and I parked my car at work. As I reached for the front door, one of our elderly residents (65 years old ) opens the door for me. I greeted and thank her for letting me in. She did not react and I noticed that she was crying. When I asked why she is so upset, she broke down and said that she could not sleep, because she has nowhere to go. I asked why she thinks that she will have to leave. She answered that she knows that the Centre is in financial difficulty and that we might close down. She would like to pay more to help, but she only has her Disability Grant (R1,280 per month ), which she already gives to help cover her board and lodging. She has lived here for 28 years and has no family who can take care of her. “The Centre is my HOME! Where would I go if it closes down?”

I was horrified to see her anxiety, desperation, hopelessness, feelings of insecurity and immense sadness. I then realized that this is the reality for nearly half of our residents who can not pay the monthly shortfall on the unit cost for their board and lodging. The unit cost is the amount we need to care for one resident for one month (R3,600). Their Disability Grants and the Government subsidy do not cover the unit cost. 24 residents either do not have family or their families are not in the position to cover the monthly shortfalls.

Please “adopt” one of our residents and help us to:

 keep the Centre open and secure a place for them to live
 give them emotional security
 restore their belief in the generosity and goodwill of people
 give them a sense of belonging, safety and hope

How can you help us to achieve this?