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Total Advocacy Toolkit

Resources for children with epilepsy

Activity booklet for children about epilepsy

Epilepsy and children

Parenting a child with epilepsy

Epilepsy and children – First 2 years

Epilepsy and children – Pre-school years

Epilepsy and children – School years 6 – 1

Epilepsy, inclusion and education

Campi – Crisis in school

Campi visits the doctor

Puppets for human rights

Suzie Squid Visits the School First Aid

Employment resources

Employment manual

Reasonable accommodation guidelines

Disability “smart” company

Right to employment of persons with mental disabilities

Advocacy and human rights

SASSA cards

Advocacy and human rights booklet

Cheetahs support Epilepsy SA Free State & North West

Disability Rights March Dec 2015

Epilepsy SA Flame of Hope

Epilepsy SA flashmob 2011

Justin Dekker – Youth with epilepsy

Sitawa Wafula’s affair with epilepsy

Making inclusive development inclusive – Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo

Epilepsy resources, information and services

Epilepsy facts

Facts about epilepsy

Epilepsy SA services and programmes (Z-fold)

Epilepsy SA services and programmes (A4)

My epilepsy diary

Living with epilepsy

Epilepsy and the elderly

Epilepsy and women

IBE Travelers’ Handbook

Epilepsy and driving position paper

Epilepsy is much more than seizures


Purple Day’s Cassidy Megan - SUDEP

Ndileka Mlobi – What does Epilepsy South Africa do?

Epilepsy SA South Cape Karoo

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostic tests for epilepsy

Epilepsy and drug therapy

Epilepsy and a healthy diet

Controlling Porcine Cysticercosis in Nepal

Ketogenic diet

International instruments

UNCRPD & Optional Protocol

WHO Resolution and Report 2015

WHO Information Kit on Epilepsy


All You Need to Know Poster

Epilepsy and Relationships

Epilepsy Facts


Reaching full potential Superhero

Reaching full potential Doctor

Reaching full potential Ballerina

First Aid Posters

First aid for seizures Afrikaans

First aid for seizures English

First aid for seizures isiXhosa

First aid for seizures isiZulu

First aid for seizures Ndebele

First aid for seizures Sesotho

First aid for seizures Setswana

First aid for seizures Siswati

Disability Inclusive Poster

Disability Inclusive SDGs


Who Has Epilepsy

Who has epilepsy – Twins

Who has epilepsy – Facebook

Who has epilepsy – Pencils

Epinews – for persons with epilepsy by persons with epilepsy

International Epilepsy News

Epilepsy Africa newsletter

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Epinews Winter 2017

Epinews Summer 2017

Epilepsy video clips

These video clips are in English and were created by the Norwegian Epilepsy Association and Oslo University Hospital.

What is epilepsy?
What is an epileptic seizure?
Can I ever get well from epilepsy?
Is epilepsy dangerous?
How is epilepsy diagnosed?
How is epilepsy treated?
How to choose the right epilepsy medicine?
How to handle an epileptic seizure