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  • Residential Care Centre - Our flagship project is our Residential Care Centre for 80 people with disabilities, 40 of which are frail.  The range of disabilities cover epilepsy, mild to profound intellectual disibility, down syndrome, hydrocephalus, sphyciatric disorders such as schizophrenia, physically disabled people and people with speech impairments.  The centre offers accommodation, a safe working environment for stronger residents, stimulation programmes for frail residents, social work services, medical care, a clinic and provision of basic needs of food, safety and physical care.
  • Volunteers - Volunteers are used widely within our organization.  Some examples are, the therapy dogs that visit the centre weekly as part of their stimulation programme, a volunteer is currently upgrading our bedrooms for residents and volunteers are extensively used in our wellness programme.
  • Epilepsy Education/Advocacy - Epilepsy is still a relatively unknown condition, especially in rural areas.  We provide extensive advocacy and training, so that people with epilepsy can reach their full potential and the many myths and the the stigma can be overcome.
  • Stimulation Centre - Thanks to regular visits from the Rehabilitation Section of the Department of Health, our residents who can't work gets stimulated to assist with their physical wellbeing.
  • Staff Development - In order to offer the best care to people with epilepsy and/or other disibilities our staff undergoes intensive training in various fields. These include transmittable disesses, Home Based Care, Epilepsy and Wound Care.
  • Safe working Environment - To ensure that our residents recieve the best care possible, we train staff on safety procedures, emergency plans and how to make our working environment germ free.  Apart from training we ensure that the necessary safety gear is in great working order.
  • Day Clients - We provide day care to people with Disabilities so that their caregivers/parents can have free time for themselves or to be gainfully employed.
  • Mokwallo - Mokwallo Day Centre is situated just outside of Vredefort.  We care for 13 people with multiple disibilaties and offer a stimulation program and a recycling project. 
  • Vryburg Office - In the past we had the difficult decision of whether or not to close this satellite office on a few occassions.  This was largely due to financial restraints and no support from the North West Provincial Government, despite the tremendous need within the province.  Despite the finances, we were involved in several events and programs.  We look forward to extending our work in the province and being recognised as a key player in the Disability Sector.
  • Assistive Device Project - This was an exciting new project funded by the department Social Development, Children & People with Disabilities - North West Provincial Government.  The project entailed identifying beneficiaries, setting appointments for assessments, assesment process, assembling the devices, delivery and setting appointments for collection and fitting of devices.
  • The Dome Business Hub - The initial idea of "The Dome Business Hub" was that it would be a place where local ceaftors could work and where tourists could see and purchase their products.  With monies obtained from The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund we were able to expand this project to include a Heritage aspect through tours as well as expanding the Arts and Crafts side.
  • Fundraising - The aim is to intensify the generation of income and marketing of the services rendered in the North West and Free State.  Proposals are sent to various potential sponsors and donors and frequent follow ups are made. 
  • NDA Food Security Project - From research conducted by the Human Research Council it was identified that "the best hope for rural poor lies in small scale agriculture and micro enterprises".  With this in mind and taking into account our developmental approach to community engagement, we have started numerous community vegetable gardens.  The projects are not just involved in growing vegetables, but have received training in agro processing, and are actively involved in producing tomato chutney, peach chutney, atchar, curry beans, vegetable pie making, sun drying and vacuum packaging of mixed vegetables.  They are selling their end products to the Dome Business Hub and to the local community.
  • HIV & AIDS - In the fight against HIV - our branch of Epilepsy SA has identified that we need to be more proactive.  We were successful in our application to enter into a new contract with the Department of Health for a wellness programme for 2012.  This programme focuses on healthy HIV patients, TB prevention, adherence to treatment, general health promotion, condom distribution and medical male circumcision.
  • Outreach to Other Organisations - As an established organisation we believe in sharing and skills transfer. We have mentored the following organisations: Sinalo Minister's Fraternal, Motheo Thuto Creche, Talitha Khumi Luncheon Club, Lokabeng Disability Centre and Impokogo Theatre Group.