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Please email our online counsellor with any epilepsy related questions to info@epilepsy.org.za

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By leaving a bequest to Epilepsy South Africa Free State & North West, after providing for family and loved ones you can help us to continue to provide our services to those we care for at our centre, 45 of our residents do not have any family and we are the only family they know taking care of their needs.
Every year the money we receive from generous donors like you, not only helps us to feed, buy clothes, afford much needed medicine and provide a home to our residents, it also helps to ensure we are providing the best range of services.
So whether large or small, your bequest will be valued greatly, because it will change the life of a person who is has Epilesy or with multiple disabilities. You will help someone to live and have security, that's a rather remarkable gift indeed.
How your bequest to Epilepsy South Africa Free State & North West can help
  • Help to provide housing and care to our residents wich amounts to approxamately R4500 per month per person.
  • Help ensure those people with medical need that we will be able to afford quality staff to attend to them.
  • Help provide stimulation to the frail to improve their physical strengh.
  • Help fight discrimination by making people aware of Epilepsy and dissability.
  • Help us continue to fight for the rights of the disabled through our accessibility and advocacy programs
To leave a bequest to Epilepsy SA Free State & North West or to discuss your plans, please call 056 811 5959 or email us on freestate@epilepsy.org.za