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Please email our online counsellor with any epilepsy related questions to info@epilepsy.org.za

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Advice and information ...

About epilepsy and the organisation


On living with epilepsy and/or other disabilities.

Community development programmes...

To help people with epilepsy and other disabilities within the community reach their full potential to live independently in the community. This service includes self-help and support groups.

Economic empowerment ...

Through protective employment of people with epilepsy and other disabilities who are unable to function in the open labour market

Awareness and Education ...

About epilepsy and the organisation.

Advocacy programmes ...

To prevent discrimination against people living with epilepsy

Residential care ...

(including frail care) for people with epilepsy / other disabilities who experience frequent and severe seizures and who cannot function independently.

HIV/AIDS information and counselling programme...

For more information on our services please contact us at Tel: +27 11 816-2040 or email us at: gauteng@epilepsy.org.za