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Sponsor a Resident Project – Sponsor a life.

Become part of our elite group of people who understand and support the value of life.

In the picturesque hills behind the world renowned tourist destination, Knysna, lays the Epilepsy South Africa South Cape Residential Care Centre. Unknown to most tourists roaming the Knysna festive streets or enjoying fresh oysters on a lake-boat cruise, there lives in the Centre 53 people with disabilities who has, and will probably never have the opportunity to play tourist in their lives.

Why the Sponsor a Resident Project?

What is the value of a life? How do we calculate the worth of another person? Our residents are people with epilepsy and other disabilities who, because of their disability have been neglected, discarded, abused and left by themselves. Many have never felt human compassion from family or a loved one until receiving their opportunity to live at the Centre.

The Centre

Here they found acceptance from others; a community of camaraderie where they are valued for the people they are and not according to the challenges they face on a daily basis. Their needs are basic and their happiness depends on far less than the average person. They calculate the value of a life according to the happiness they can bring one another, their basic necessities and their Centre.

When you sponsor a resident

You can help a resident not only with their basic necessities and the keeping of their Centre, but to look forward to a secure future without the anxiety about loosing everything again. (Read this touching story from the Director of the Knysna Centre)

Benefits of sponsorship

As a sponsor of a resident, you are providing that one special person with a realisation that “there is somebody out there who cares for me”. This must be one of the most powerful gifts any one person can give to another. Your sponsorship further provides your special person with their basic necessities that include:
Basic toiletries, nutritious meals, healthcare & medication and a daily routine that includes educational activities, life- and skills training or basic stimulation exercises (depending on each resident’s own special abilities and capacity).
How it works

  • Select in the table below the category of the person that you would like to sponsor. You will soon after the commencement of your monthly sponsorship receive a photograph and information about your special resident.
  • After 6 to 9 weeks you will receive your first letter or an artwork from your sponsored resident. Please know that most of the residents face severe challenges, either intellectually or physically, so your gift from them will reflect their capacity for creating these gifts. Also know that this gift was made especially for you out of a level of appreciation that you will still come to understand.
  • Different residents have different needs according to their personal circumstances and medical status. Some need more than others to still complete a fulfilling day. Below is a table of the amount of residents who is still in need of you; and the amount they still need on a monthly basis. As each one receives their Sponsor, the table is adjusted until all of them may experience the special position of having a Sponsor “out there” such as you.


In which one of the below categories would you like to sponsor the life of a special resident?

Categories: South African Rand Great Britain Pounds   US Dollars  Euro
6 people with more extensive needs R1,800 £120 $200 €139
12 people with moderate needs R850 £57 $95 €65
6 people with lighter needs R500 £34 $56 €39

Albert Schwietzir said: “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

You now have the opportunity to light that spark in someone else who so deservingly need your support. 

On behalf of the residents of this very special Centre, we thank you. Should you have any other questions about the Sponsor a Resident Project, please contact the Director of the Knysna Centre, Ms Anne Fredericks at 044 382 2155 or branchdirector.sck@epilepsy.org.za


For more information on South Cape/Karoo Branch and how you can participate, please contact southcape@epilepsy.org.za.