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Counselling and support services:

Counseling and support is both individual and family-based and is facilitated by trained social and auxiliary workers. This service provides information regarding all the challenges facing people with epilepsy as well as their families. It focuses on the management of epilepsy and people’s successful integration into society. To ensure that our counseling services reach the wider community counseling offices are spread over within all the communities in which we work as well as at our central point of Regional office.


Support Groups:

Support groups provide educational and emotional support to people with epilepsy and those affected by the condition in order for people with epilepsy to function optimally in society. They serve as a platform for information sharing, empowerment and improved quality of life through lessons shared by the members. These groups are strategically situated within our communities in response to common needs expressed by our client base. Regular meetings are facilitated in communities by both social workers and volunteers.


Epilepsy education within various sectors:

Public education and advocacy is the primary pillar of intervention aimed at inclusion in education, workplace and community. The development and distribution of user-friendly, accurate information does much to combat the endless myths and stigmas surrounding epilepsy by interacting with key sectors such as the health sector, education sector, welfare sector, government and the corporate sector. Ongoing awareness and marketing is achieved through media outreach, public presentations and displays.


Disability Sensitization programme:

The programme aims to raise awareness around the impact of discrimination, exclusion and victimisation of children and adults with disabilities in order to promote respect for the rights of people with disabilities. The programme seeks to increase awareness and knowledge about disability, assistive devices, social and environmental barriers and the psycho-social effects of disability.


Disability and Human Rights programme:

Educating people with epilepsy and other disabilities and the community about Disability and Human Rights empowers the community to take ownership of their rights and prevent the violation thereof.

The programme is made up of:

  • Training workshops on health an human rights
  • Incorporation of human rights with into our public education training
  • Redress and recourse process for clients who want to seek redress for violations
  • Human rights campaigns


Economic Empowerment Programmes:

The programmes aim to provide people with epilepsy and or other disabilities with skills and opportunities for employment and to generate income that would impact on their quality of life. The protective workshops, trading as “Care Craft – Quality People, Quality Products” competes successfully with the open labour market. 

The following economic empowerment programmes are provided:

  • Care Craft Lansdowne: Protective Workshop
  • Care Craft Wellington: Protective Workshop
  • Care Craft Mitchells Plain: Protective Workshop
  • Sinakho Project: Community based Income generation Project



We actively promote the inclusion of people with epilepsy and other disabilities through referrals for internships, learnerships and open labour market placements. The aim of the programme is to assist people with disabilities to either find employment in the open labour market, be placed in a learnership programme or assistance to be enrolled in an institution for further education and training. It is designed to recruit, assess youth with disabilities, prepare them, match them and place them in the open labour market. 



eDESS (Epilepsy Disability Employment Support Service) is a revolutionary Disability Employment Model that has especially been developed for Epilepsy South Africa (Western Cape). Its objective is geared to proactively drive the Disability Employment Agenda in South Africa.

The (eDESS) model differs from any other existing Disability employment model in that it is designed in line with the latest employment best practice models consistent with legislation as it affects employers of the Disabled in South Africa. 

Overall the eDESS model is designed primarily for the upliftment and empowerment of people with disabilities to become independent and self suistainable through a structured and supported process working hand in hand with potential employers. 


Rural Development:

The rural development programme aims to provide a structured social development service to the under serviced areas within the Boland area with the aim of skills transference in order to empower other service providers to render
an integrated service to people with epilepsy in the identified areas of Wellington, Mbekweni, Klapmuts and certain farms within the Winelands area. Direct services are rendered to clients at the organisations Care Craft Workshop in
Wellington. Engagemetns with NPO’s in the Boland area as well as Department of Social Development takes place in order to render collaborative services when required.