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Please email our online counsellor with any epilepsy related questions to info@epilepsy.org.za

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We Need You to Partner Us in Our Vision and Mission


To provide integrated services that are equitable; acceptable; sustainable and people-centred with and for people with epilepsy and other disabilities and all affected by epilepsy to promote social justice.


Epilepsy South Africa is a dynamic organisation providing developmental services nationally to promote equal opportunities for people with epilepsy and other disabilities.


Why do we need members?

1. To lend support to the Vision and Mission of Epilepsy South Africa.

2. To acknowledge the fact that people with epilepsy and other disabilities benefit through effective developmental, 

    social and economic empowerment programmes.

3. To support the development of services where they do not exist and for the improvement and expansion of existing    

    services and programmes.

4. To promote and advocate for the inclusion and acceptance of people with epilepsy into civil society.

5. To show that you care about people with epilepsy and other disabilities.


For a yearly subscription fee of R30.00 we offer you the following:

  • Nomination to the Branch Board
  • A 6 monthly Epinews letter by people with epilepsy
  • A 6 monthly Branch newsletter
  • A monthly Epilepsy South Africa National electronic newsletter for members on email contact
  • Annual report on services in the Western Cape
  • Information and professional assistance in respect of epilepsy and related matters

Support our Vision by making it your Mission!


Please apply or renew your membership by completing the  Membership Application or Renewal form.


Return the completed form to:

Street: Lansdowne Road, Wetton, 7780
Postal: PO Box 24573, Lansdowne 7779
Tel: 021- 703 9420
Fax: 021- 703 2529
Email: wcape@epilepsy.org.za

Download Membership Application/Renewal Form