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Please email our online counsellor with any epilepsy related questions to info@epilepsy.org.za

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Volunteers are extraordinary people who give of their time and energy to affect further change and enhance the capacity of the organisation to provide services.

These are self-less people who care enough about their fellow man and woman to offer their services, despite their personal daily responsibilities. We are deeply indebted to all the people who offer their time, skills, contacts and resources to assist persons with epilepsy through their service to Epilepsy South Africa Western Cape Branch.

As a volunteer of the organisation you will have the opportunity to receive epilepsy training and experience in a wide variety of fields, depending on your skills and interests. We also need people who are willing to utilise their own networks and contacts to lobby for support for the organisation.


Volunteers are required for the following:

  • Assistance with events and projects such as casual Day and Sandscapes
  • Facilitation of support groups in various communities
  • Assist and participate in awareness campaigns such as Epilepsy Week

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Epilepsy South Africa Western Cape Branch, please send an email to wcape@epilepsy.org.za and include the following detail:


  • your personal details,
  • the town/suburb where you live/work,
  • your commitments at work and home,
  • a list of skills, talents, resources or contacts you have to offer

We look forward to hearing from you!