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Epilepsy is a disorder of the Central Nervous System

People with epilepsy are usually Intellectually Disabled

A child with epilepsy can be identified at sight by certain physical characteristics

Epilepsy is contagious… you can catch it from someone who has it

Most seizures last from a few seconds to a few minutes

Some people have seizures only in their sleep

Heredity plays a major role in getting epilepsy

A person with epilepsy cannot work until seizures are totally controlled

Some people experience a “warning” before a seizure, allowing them to move to a safe area

Children with epilepsy cannot participate in sports

People with epilepsy can predict the future

Children with epilepsy have more accidents at school than other children

Epilepsy affects about 1 out of 100 people in South Africa

People with epilepsy have very similar personalities

Epilepsy is frequently the result of head injuries or other trauma

People with epilepsy always have convulsions

Children with epilepsy miss more days of school than children who don’t have epilepsy

Most people with epilepsy cannot work because of frequent and severe seizures

People with epilepsy should not expect to lead normal lives

Most people with epilepsy cannot work and have to go on welfare

Only surgery can treat epilepsy successfully

When a person has a seizure he is in danger of swallowing his tongue

Anti-epileptic medication makes most people too weak to work

Children with epilepsy need to attend special schools