Tekkie Tax


Tekkie Tax is a project OWNED by welfare organizations, MANAGED by welfare organizations for the BENEFIT of welfare organizations.

Tekkie Tax an International Fundraising Campaign supporting 5 Sectors:

  • A = Animals
  • B = Bring Hope
  • C = Children
  • D = Disability
  • E = Education.

The 2020 participating National Welfare Organisations are:

  • Animals:
    • Various SPCA Societies and numerous other animal protection organisations
  • Bring Hope:
    • SAVF
    • Families SA
    • Lifeline SA
    • Children:
      • Various Child Welfare and Child Protection Organisations
    • Disability:
      • Epilepsy SA
      • Down Syndrome SA
    • Education:
      • CANSA

    Tekkie Tax raised over R48million since 2013 years and 2,000+ local and national welfare organisations benefitted.

    Tekkie Tax is a risk-free campaign for qualifying NGOs and the money they receive is directly linked to the sales of support material.